lesley ann brandt

lesley ann brandt

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South African export Lesley-Ann Brandt stars as the Vertigo/DC comic book character Mazikeen, on Netflix hit series "Lucifer." Born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, Brandt immigrated with her family to Auckland, New Zealand in her late teens. Discovered by local casting directors, Brandt took on the role of "Naevia" in the Starz hits, "...


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Mazikeen is Lucifer's assistant, she is a demon and daughter of Lillith making her one of the Lillim. Physically Mazikeen appears like a normal human woman with long dark hair and fair skin, but as...


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Country of origin: Australia Location: Melbourne, Victoria Status: Active Formed in: 2013 Genre: Symphonic Death/Black Metal Lyrical themes: Destroying Souls


What Does The Name Mazikeen Mean?


A submission from Norway says the name Mazikeen means "Female warrior and protected of the weak and innocent" and is of African origin. According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Mazikeen is of Russian origin and means "Female warrior and gift from god".


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