hocus pocus 2 movie trailer

hocus pocus 2 movie trailer

Hocus Pocus 2 Updates: Disney+ Movie Release Date, Cast ...


Apr 23, 2020 · Hocus Pocus 2 is being made by Disney. However, the long-awaited movie sequel is making some major changes to the Sanderson Sisters. Classic 1990s kids movie Hocus Pocus is getting a made-for-TV sequel on Disney+. Here's everything we know so far about Hocus Pocus 2.


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Jul 03, 2020 · Hocus Pocus 2: cast Kenny Ortega, director of Hocus Pocus, would not be involved in making Hocus Pocus 2, and the film was initially described as featuring an entirely new cast. However, with fall 2019 confirming that the new Hocus Pocus will be a sequel rather than a reboot, original star Sarah Jessica Parker says that she and her co-stars ...


‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Disney Plus Release Date and Movie Details ...


According to the IMDb page for Hocus Pocus 2, the film is currently in pre-production. Right after Adam Shankman signed on to direct the sequel, the COVID-19 pandemic started affecting basically every single production, so it’s pretty safe to say they have not started filming for Hocus Pocus 2 yet.


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Aug 04, 2015 · Although interest in a sequel to the 1993 comedy horror film 'Hocus Pocus' remains strong, 'Hocus Pocus 2' is not currently in production. Kim LaCapria. Published 4 …


5 Rumors About Hocus Pocus 2 (& 5 That Are Confirmed)


After 26 years of waiting, the time has finally arrived. Disney is officially making a sequel to the 1993 Halloween classic Hocus Pocus and the world couldn’t be more excited. Hardly any details have been released about the upcoming project, but we’ve managed to piece together bits and pieces from various news sources and celebrity comments.


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Allison Shearmur Productions has signed to produce Hocus Pocus 2: Rise of the Elderwitch. Tendo Nagenda and Jessica Virtue are executive producing at Disney. The aim for the two protagonist female leads is in the vein of Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy.


Hocus Pocus 2 Will Be a TV Remake with an All-New Cast


Sep 28, 2017 · RELATED: Hocus Pocus 2 Has Original Trio Ready and Willing to Return Talk of Hocus Pocus 2 has been going on for a very long time now, but things never really seemed to …


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Nov 18, 2015 · Is Hocus Pocus 2 Really Coming Soon? Bette Midler Answers the Super Important Question Once and for All. Actress sets the record straight …


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Oct 24, 2016 · With the original cast of big stars on board, and fandom at its arguable peak, Disney seemingly has every reason to make Hocus Pocus 2. However, …


Hocus Pocus Is Officially Getting Remade—without the ...


Sep 28, 2017 · Hocus Pocus Is Officially Getting Remade—without the Original Cast. ... considering the number of times the original trio has confirmed that they would be interested in reprising their roles.